Project Description

WG2 Brief

WG2 concentrates on the modelling, simulation and analysis of multiscale biomedical systems. Multiscale modelling approaches have been developed in various fields (e.g. astronomy, material science). The challenge of this WG2 is to adapt existing and develop novel multiscale modelling and simulation approaches that can effectively address the challenges of multiscale systems medicine. 


Novel concepts, methods and technologies for multiscale modelling, simulation and analysis in systems medicine. These deliverables will feed into and be reported in the relevant Action deliverables listed at the end of this section. It is envisaged that an Action Member from an Inclusiveness Target Country (ITC) will coordinate WG2.


(1) Requirements of multiscale modelling and simulation that are unique to systems medicine.

(2) Scale decomposition and representation of complex biomedical processes and systems.

(3) Multiscale dynamical models, network (mathematical graph) models, knowledge-based systems, decision support systems.

(4) The construction of scale-specific models with multiscale modelling requirements in mind.