Project Description

Biomedical data on all levels of biomedical organization and scales are thought to be the key to future multiscale systems medicine. In addition to the model components themselves, multiscale systems medicine studies involve data (experimental, predicted) and information at different levels and scales: form the molecular and cellular level, as well as at the level of tissues, organs and physiology, populations and the environment. Furthermore, once the results of multiscale simulations and analyses are reported, scientific, legal and regulatory requirements may require 10 the provenance information of the components and procedures that generate the results to be kept and communicated. The challenge is to organize, manage, share, integrate and analyse these data and associated information from a multiscale systems medical perspective. This involves the development of novel

(1) data models, ontologies and exchange formats with an explicit representation of the scale aspects of multiscale biomedical data;

(2) methods and tools for integration of highly heterogeneous data describing entities on all levels relevant to human health and disease from the genetic to the environment level;

(3) methods and tools facilitating multiscale processing, analysis, visualization, mining and curation of multiscale biomedical data;

(4) effective and efficient solutions enforcing data privacy and other regulatory and legal rules as well as mechanisms for data provenance;

(5) proposals for standardization and benchmarking of multiscale biomedical data, data models and formats; and

(6) stakeholder involvement and discussions aimed at generating transparency, trust and uptake of tools.

The main deliverables of WG3 will be novel concepts, specifications, methods and technologies for curating, modelling, managing, processing, integrating, analysing, mining and sharing of multiscale systems medicine data. These deliverables will feed into and be reported in the relevant Action deliverables listed at the end of this section.