Project Description

The medical, modelling and data challenges of multiscale systems medicine typically require nontrivial computing solutions, from hand-held devices to supercomputer facilities. The challenge is to adapt existing and develop novel ICT for multiscale systems medicine, including areas such as

(1) tools and systems facilitating the development of multiscale models;

(2) model coupling tools and tools enabling the execution of coupled simulations;

(3) multiscale workflow and executions tools allowing the design and execution of complex multiscale workflows that integrate simulations and data;

(4) model management tools and model repositories

(5) graphical user interfaces and visualization tools facilitating multiscale studies by modellers and clinicians without the need for low-level computer programming;

(6) programming languages and models for multiscale simulations and analyses;

(7) efficient implementations of complex multiscale modelling and data integration/analysis algorithms;

(8) large-scale and distributed multiscale computing tools and solutions using cloud- and grid-based computing environments and e-infrastructures;

(9) dedicated multiscale computing services and resources, and resource management tools;

(10) implementations of multiscale knowledge management and decision support systems;

(11) online educational resources for multiscale systems medicine;

(12) high-level methodologies and guidelines developing, deploying, sharing, using and maintaining multiscale systems medicine ICT systems and e-infrastructures;

(13) ICT solutions for security and privacy of multiscale medical data, information and models;

(14) methods and tools for testing, verification and performance evaluation of computing systems and tools for multiscale systems medicine.

The main deliverables of WG4 will be novel computing concepts, tools, systems, services and ICT infrastructures for multiscale systems medicine. These deliverables will feed into and be reported in the relevant Action deliverables listed at the end of this section.