This workshop is a satellite event of the Final COST action OpenMultiMed Conference:

Our main objective is to gather a critical mass of researchers and stakeholders from different disciplines and coordinate these researchers as a team to define and investigate important S&T challenges in multiscale systems medicine and to improve existing and develop novel solutions for multiscale systems medicine.

Multiscale systems medicine aims to utilize and integrate high-throughput data from various sources to improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease. This one-day workshop will focus on the development and application of algorithms for the analysis of heterogeneous datasets arising from clinical practice. We will focus on network-based tools and tools designed to integrate datasets stemming from different experimental techniques and medical records. Applications in the discovery of molecular mechanisms of disease and personalized therapy will be also discussed.

Join us for a 3-day hands-on course and lectures on topics like:

1. Omics data analysis and human tissue metabolic models

2. Privacy-preserving artificial intelligence tools

3. Systems and Network Medicine

4. Drug repurposing

Organizing committee:

Jan Baumbach (Technical University Munich, Germany)

Harald Schmidt (Maastricht University, The Netherlands)

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Prof. Dr. Sven Bergmann (University of Lausanne, Switzerland): Making Good Use of Genome-wide Association Studies: From Metabolite Identification to Disease Network Analysis

Prof. Dr. Richard Röttger (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark): (Pseudo) Time-course Network Enrichment Analysis at Bulk and Single-cell Level

Prof. Dr. Veit Schwämmle (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark): Co-regulation of protein complex subunits

Mag. Markus Kastelitz, LL.M. (Research Institute, Austria): Privacy in Medicine in the AI Age

Confirmed training school teachers:

Dr. Nicolas Alcaraz (Copenhagen University, Denmark) Analysis of ATACseq and ChIPseq Data and Network Enrichment with KeyPathwayMiner

Dr. Christine Nardini (Institute for Calculus Applications “Mauro Picone”, Italy) Disease Gene Prediction Using DIAMOND and Related Tools

Mattia Tomasoni (University of Lausanne, Switzerland): MONET: A Toolbox Integrating Top-performing Methods for Network Modularisation

Dr. Bita Khalili (University of Lausanne, Switzerland): Automated Analysis of Large-scale NMR Data Generates Metabolomic Signatures and Links Them to Candidate Metabolites

Dr. Markus List (Technical University Munich, Germany) Introduction to Bioinformatics in R

Olga Lazareva (Technical University Munich, Germany) Systems Medicine Profiling with GrandForest and BigAnts

Research interests:

Systems medicine, network pharmacology, drug repurposing

Target audience: Ph.D. students and early-career scientists.

Participation (deadline 31.01.2020): No Registration Fee.


Number of participants: 20
Number of Grants: 15-18
According to COST rules, the Trainee Grant is a contribution to the overall travel, accommodation and meal expenses of the Grantee.
Grants up to 740 euros will be assigned according to an estimation of meal, accommodation and travel expenses. Trainee Grants do not necessarily cover all expenses related to attending the Training School.
Acceptance of the Grant should be confirmed by the date specified below.


The Action’s Training School Coordinator, supported by the Core group Committee, will assess the received applications and will communicate approval for grants.

Candidates involved in interdisciplinary projects aiming at outcomes for systems medicine are a high priority for Training School.

Gender, background field, geography, and ESR balance will be taken into consideration (ESR= Early Stage Researchers).


Call open till January 24th, 2020

Acceptance of the Grant should be confirmed by February 6th, 2020


Prior to starting the training school, each granted trainee must register for an e-COST profile at – each trainee must add their bank details to their e-COST profile.

Trainees must book their own airplane tickets, accommodation and make arrangements for travel.

The reimbursement is made after the Training School takes place.

For further information please contact: (eCOST/financial) or (Training School)


Conference venue: TranslaTUM, Einsteinstraße 25, 81675 Munich, Germany

More information on the following link.