The OpenMultiMed Training School: Gearing up for machine learning in Systems Medicine


(Ljubljana, September 26-28, 2017) will provide training in concepts, methods and computational tools for multiscale systems medicine. Systems medicine is an emerging interdisciplinary framework that aims to improve our understanding, prevention and treatment of complex diseases by integrating knowledge and data across multiple levels of biomedical organization.

The Training School, organized by the OpenMultiMed CA15120 (Open Multiscale Systems Medicine, COST Action CA15120), represents a unique opportunity to involve and train early-career researchers in multiscale systems medicine and to reduce the methodological and knowledge gaps between biomedical and computational scientists in this transdisciplinary field.

Trainee grants for attending the TS are available (deadline for applications September 8, 2017): Trainee grants

Training school program: Program Outline

University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
Hajdrihova 28
1000 Ljubljana
First floor, room H28
GPS: Latitude: 46.041937 | Longitude: 14.492708