Contact Information

Address: INRAE Research Centre of Clermont-Ferrand/Theix, Unit of Human Nutrition,

Mapping (Metabolic phenotyping, Modeling and Nutrition) research group, PFEM.

Phone: +33(0)473-624-687


Skype ID: inra-pfem


Mini CV

BC is a research director at the French National Institute for Agronomy Research (INRA, Clermont-Ferrand, France). After a PhD in biochemistry and nutrition (Lyon-I University, France), she worked in the Departments of Nutrition of the University of Montreal (Canada) and of Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, USA) as post-doctoral fellow and assistant professor. In 2007, she joined the INRA Human Nutrition Unit. Her research interests are focused on understanding the mechanisms by which nutrition contributes to the development or the prevention of non-communicable chronic diseases. She is heading the MAPPING research group which research goals are (1) the identification of early and/or predictive (bio)markers of chronic metabolic diseases development and effects of nutrition using integrative approaches, (2) a better understanding of the mechanisms by which nutrition contributes to the development or the prevention of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and associated risk of cardiovascular diseases using nutrigenomics approaches, (3) the development of new tools of the high throughput approaches for research on metabolism and nutrition to identify biomarkers of exposure and effects. She has published over than 69 articles in peer reviewed international journal (25 over the last 5 years), of 4 book chapters, 1 worldwide patent, over 230 presentations at national and international meetings (with over 30 invited conferences). She is principal investigator/collaborator of national and international projects.

Ten most relevant publications

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